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Bel Air Gutter & Siding – One of Bel Air’s Best Roofers

Bel Air Gutter and Siding (–replacement.html ) started as just a company doing gutter cleaning, repair and installation. It quickly added on repairing and installing vinyl siding and doing window replacements. They then expanded to other contracting work such as kitchens and bathrooms but really excelled at doing roofing work.

Although they do large jobs and any roofer would because the money is good, they also have done a lot of roof repairs. Why? Because of all the storms with high winds we have had in the last couple of years. This has often caused some sections of roof material to blow off. Or sometimes trees to blow over and damage the roof. They very frequently work with insurance companies as part of the process.

They also use the latest technology and have a drone that is used to inspect the roof to be able to give accurate quotes for work needing to be done.

Besides repairs, they have replaced roofs on sheds, double wide trailers, and stand-alone garages. However, they have also replaced or installed new roofs on some of the largest homes in Harford county. What some would call McMansions.

One point Todd, the owner, makes is don’t wait on making repairs. If water gets in, it can cause rot and do a lot of other damage that will be far more expensive to fix than the initial repair would have cost if taken care of promptly.

Todd also points out that you have a number of options for roofing material. Most people choose asphalt shingles because it is quite durable and is less expensive. Some people prefer a fancier style asphalt shingle which is called architectural shingle. It has shingles tabs of different shapes and sizes which give a thicker textured look. Sometimes even a bit like cedar shake.

Some people prefer actual cedar shake and Bel Air Gutter & Siding has done those roofs as well as slate roofs. Both of these have longer warranties but the asphalt shingle, especially the thicker architectural shingles are starting to come close to the warranties for shake and slate.

If you have asphalt shingle roof, a new layer can be put directly over the old when the first layer gets worn out. When that second layer needs to be replaced, code does not allow you to put on a third layer. So at that point, the two layers need to be stripped off and new shingles put on.

When this takes place, the roofers will look for any rotten wood in the plywood sheathing that the shingles are attached to. Sometimes oriented strand board (OSB) is used. This is as strong or stronger than plywood but potentially can be more damaged by water if there are any leaks in the roof.

If you need some sort of roof work done (or other contracting work) we suggest you get an estimate from Bel Air Gutter & Siding. It won’t cost anything and we believe you will be pleasantly surprised.

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