Review of Sinclair Broadcasting

The Sinclair Broadcasting group is one of the largest TV broadcasting companies in the United States. It went public in 1995, though it was founded in 1986. They boast of 173 stations, even more, if the proposed sales are approved. Most of these stations are directly owned by the companies while the others are operated through shared service agreements or local marketing agreements. The stations of the company are affiliates of ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox.Sinclair Sports Television

It is a producer of sports content as well as one of the leading news providers for local news in the country. They also own a cable network and four radio stations. Multiple platforms like over-the-air, digital or multichannel video distributors are used to deliver their broadcast content.

Fair and Balanced Conservatism?

They are not new to controversy as they have received backlash and outrage from the media and their community of viewers. This has followed as a result of scrutiny regarding their negative news coverage for some time in their company stations. Analysts who have been following the Baltimore-area company since its beginning have noted with grave concern their history of leaning towards conservative candidates, politics, and causes.

Connections with Donald Trump

In April 2017, Sinclair announced that it had hired Boris Epshteyn, who served the Trump administration briefly as a White House assistant communications director and as the chief political analyst during Donald’s Trump campaigns. This, as you can imagine, has caused quite a stir and elicited mixed reactions from all over the country.

Their coverage is contrary to the fair and balanced news programming expected by media stations. Some of the news staff from the Sinclair group have also criticized segments, editorials, and specific reports that are regarded as “must runs,” due to the kind of views they disseminate. One of their staff members even admitted to trying to deliberately schedule the pieces during lesser viewed times of the newscasts.

With the rapid growth of the broadcast over recent years, analysts fear that it is only going to promote conservative politics at more and more stations.